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Your home is more than a spot on a map, it is a reflection of you, a place to build more into life. From pancakes on the weekends to neighborhood parties, your home is where memories are made, designs are explored and quality time is king. So, whether you are looking for design ideas or activities for the kids, you’re home at Your Home.

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Luxury Kitchen Trends for 2019

Check out the newest 2019 luxury kitchen designs. From modern kitchen cabinets to high-end appliances, discover what trends are in style this year.

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Thanksgiving Decorations to Wow Your Family

Thanksgiving is filled with plenty of food, friends, and family. Here are simple ways to take your Thanksgiving decor to the next level and create a truly memorable holiday.

What to Serve on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time to gather with the family, but sometimes it can be hard to know how much to make. Use this handy guide to figure out just how much food you will need to make Thanksgiving a success!

How to Find the Best Wine Tours around the Bay Area

California wine tours are one of the most popular of all California attractions. Read this guide to discover how to plan your trip to the wine country and the best California vineyards.

What to Look for in a New Model Home

Homes aren’t what they used to be. Learn more about the latest design and technology features that you should be looking for as you shop for a new model home.

Building a New Home vs. Buying Retail - Comparing Costs

Learn how the costs, benefits, and processes stack up when you build a new home versus buying an existing home.

Preparing Your Home for Boston’s Winter

Learn all of the tips, tricks, and smart techniques for winterizing your home and preparing for the chilly Boston winter weather.

Best Places in California to Build a New Home

Find out about some of the best cities in California for building a new home and living your California lifestyle.

Top 5 Counties in New Jersey for a Family

Discover the most family-friendly counties in New Jersey. From safe neighborhoods to tranquil beaches, we’ll share the best places for you and your kids.

Why Buy a New Home in Seattle

Wondering whether you should buy a new or existing home in Seattle? Learn about all the benefits that come with working with a home builder and purchasing a new home.

6 Things to Do in Cleveland This Fall

There is plenty to do in Cleveland this fall, and you won’t want to miss out on any of it. Be sure to put these 6 events on your must-do list and get your tickets now.

Best Places to Relax in LA - Plan a Staycation

Taking some time off for a Staycation in LA? Read on to discover the top Los Angeles attractions, LA area beaches, & most incredible things to do in Los Angeles.

Why Buy New Home Construction in Columbus

Learn why buying new construction or building a home in Columbus, Ohio, can be a better option than purchasing an existing home.

5 Ways to Find New Homes for Sale

Use these 5 ways to find a new home for sale to take the stress and hassle out of finding the perfect home for your family anywhere across the country.

3 Myths about New Construction

Get the facts surrounding myths about new home construction and learn whether a new home from Pulte Homes is the right choice for you and your family.

Are Closing Costs Lower with New Home Builders?

Find out whether closing costs are lower with new home builders and how the process works for buyers.

Building a New Home in Treasure Coast - A Guide

Find out how building a new home in Treasure Coast can make your Florida dreams a reality with our home buyer’s guide.

Should I Choose an FHA Loan for My New Home?

With low down payments and so many benefits, find out why an FHA loan might be the right choice for your new home purchase.

Bedroom Design Tips for Maximum Sleep

Want to know how to get a better night sleep? Read on to find out how you can perfect your bedroom layout for optimal ZZZs.

A Look into the History of Spanish Home Design

Although Spanish homes have been popular for ages - the love of this design continues. Find out why Spanish colonial architecture never goes out of style.

5 Things for Locals to Do In Boston

Experience attractions, sports venues, dining, and more with this guide to the top things for locals to do in Boston.

A Checklist for Building a Home in DC

From choosing the right DC home builders to home building costs & the average home price in DC - Read on to discover everything you need to know for success.

Designing a New Home in Sunny Orange County

Learn all about the process and planning for designing a new home in sunny Orange County, California.

10 Myths about Home Builders

Pulte Homes sets the facts straight about 10 common myths regarding home builders. Learn what it is really like to build a custom home to fit your family.

Home Builders Guide to Southern California

Looking for the best home builders in Riverside, Los Angeles, or Orange County? Read this guide to discover what to look for to make sure you pick the best one.

Choosing a Home Builder in Riverside

How do you decide which are the best Riverside homebuilders? Read on to discover the home building process, building costs, & our top tips for new construction.

Best High School Sports Towns

Looking for the best high school sports towns in the US? These towns have all the best to offer for high school sports and new places to live.

Surfing Guide for New Bay Area Homeowners

If you're a new homeowner in the Bay Area & looking for the best places to surf - read this Bay Area guide to discover best Bay Area beaches & Bay Area Weather.

12 Year-Round Tips from Top Home Builders

Learn how to care for your home from the country’s best builders. Check out our seasonal guide to home care for winter, spring, summer and fall.

5 Atlantic Coast Cities with Charm

From New England to the Mid-Atlantic to the sunny South, these are some of our favorites places for coastal homes to live, work, and play.

What is Florida's Treasure Coast? A Traveler's Guide

Experience the beauty, style, and history of Florida’s stunning Treasure Coast. Whether you’re looking for outdoor living or high-end lifestyle, you’ll love Florida’s stunning Treasure Coast.

Why Buy a New Home in San Jose?

From beautiful weather to an abundance of high-tech jobs, the San Jose Bay Area is an ideal place to buy a newly built home. Read on to discover why.

What is Southern California?

Learn about this glamorous and gorgeous part of California and the best places to live there, including San Bernardino, Orange County, Riverside, and Los Angeles.

10 Ideas for Painted Kitchen Cabinets

If you’re looking to revamp your kitchen, painted kitchen cabinets are a top trend. Read on to discover paint techniques, best colors, & how to make your project a success.

Interior Design Trends: Accent Walls in 2019

Jazz up a room with an accent wall. Learn about the latest design trends in accents walls made of stone, wood, and brick. Which accent wall is right for you?

Top Things to Do in Berlin, MD & Maryland Beaches

Enjoy the stunning sights, sounds, events, and activities along Maryland’s spectacular coast.

Top 5 Cities in the Bay Area for Families - A Guide

If you’re thinking about buying a new home in the San Francisco Bay Area, read on to discover the 5 top family-friendly cities - from San Jose to Walnut Creek.

What is the Inland Empire? - Your Guide

If you’ve never heard of the Inland Empire in Southern California, you’re missing out on the best suburb to live near Los Angeles. Read on to discover more.

Important Fall Lawn Care Tips for Your Lawn

As summer turns to fall, there are important steps to take to ensure your lawn is protected from the elements during the colder months.

5 Ways Modern House Plans Make Your Life Easier

When you’re designing a new home, it’s important to find the perfect modern house plan to fit your lifestyle. Read on to learn more about open floor house plans.

How Do Home Warranty Plans Work?

Before you buy a new home, discover how home warranties work & how to pick the very best home warranty policy for you & your home.

FHA Loans - What Should You Know?

Shopping for a mortgage? Get the facts about low down payment FHA loans, how they compare to conventional mortgages, loan limits & minimum credit scores.

Building A House: Step-By-Step

Are you dreaming of a custom home built just for you? Read this helpful guide on how to build a house step by step & learn what to do from start to finish.

10 Fun Activities for When it Cools Down in Houston

When the weather cools down, there’s still a lot to do in red hot Houston. Check out these chilly weather activities.

10 Hacks for Winterizing Your Minneapolis Home

Learn how to prevent damage and keep your Minneapolis home warm and cozy this winter.

10 Things for Locals to Do in Sarasota

Enjoy your beautiful Sarasota lifestyle with these fun, local activities and events, enjoyed by visitors and local alike.

Smart Home Automation to Make Life Easier

Smart Home is the new “it” word, but what does it mean to have a smart home automation system? What are the must-haves and considerations? Read this guide to learn more.

Design Ideas for Your Florida Room

If you live in Florida, you know what a Florida room is. If not, discover all about this unique sunroom, plus decorating tips, & how to take advantage of natural lighting.

Blue is the New Neutral

Perfect for every style from beachy to formal, country to urban sophisticate, there’s a blue that’s just right for your home decor. Discover the new neutral blue.

Tips to Build A Home Gym

Building a new home? You might want to include a home gym. Read on to discover the best home gym equipment & home gym ideas to keep you in tip-top shape.

10 Tips to Save on Food

Everyone loves to eat, but no one likes to pay a lot for food. Read our top 10 ways to save money on groceries and enjoy food without footing a high bill.

How to Use A Smart Switch

Smart switches are super convenient & can save you money on utilities. Read more on how you can turn your lights on & off with a smart switch.

Pick the Perfect Indoor Light

Discover indoor lighting options and learn how to choose the best light bulb to create the perfect ambiance in every room of your home.

10 Living Room Painting Ideas

Create stunning new looks for your living room simply and affordably with these painting ideas and techniques.

Great Room Designs for 2019

It’s the spectacular gathering space for family and friends. Find out the latest great room design trends for 2019.

How a Smart Home is Built

Find out how Pulte is leading the industry in smart home integration, and why building a smart home is right for you.

Double Sink Vanity Ideas

Enjoy luxury, beauty, and convenience with these double sink vanity ideas sure to make your bathrooms more beautiful and functional.

Tips for Mudroom Designs

Looking for tips on mudroom designs? Read more to learn what must have items you need in your next mudroom to make it a functional additional to your home.

10 Reasons to Move to Houston

Find out why everyone is flocking to Houston. With our roundup of reasons, you can join the movement.

Living in Minneapolis - A Guide

Learn why Minneapolis is one of the hottest markets in the country and why you’ll love making your home there.

10 Things to Do Along Florida's Treasure Coast

Fascinating history and spectacular landscapes. You’ll find more to love on Florida’s beautiful treasure coast.

How to Protect Your Sarasota Home from Water Damage

Learn how to protect your Sarasota home from storm and water damage with this handy homeowner’s guide.

The Sun-Lover's Guide to Maryland Beaches

Find your new home in a stunning, sun-drenched community along Maryland’s spectacular coast.

Discover Our 5 Most Popular Floor Plans

Choosing the right floor plan when you're building a new home is important. Get some free help from the experts and see our five most popular designs.

3 Advantages of Modern Floor Plans

What makes contemporary home plans popular? One reason is that they are super customizable to fit your family’s needs and lifestyle. Discover the latest trends from across the USA.

5 Desk Organization Ideas for a Kids Desk

School season is around the corner! Read our top 5 desk organization ideas for kids’ school desk setups and start the new school year out right!

A Guide for Choosing Basement Flooring

Choosing the right basement flooring is essential in order to ensure your basement is as comfortable, healthy, and family friendly as possible.

Tips for Dealing With Dog & Cat Allergies at Home

Want to keep everyone happy and healthy in a home with a dog or cat? Here are some tips for dealing with pet allergies at home.

Financing Home Improvement Projects - A Guide

Financing a remodeling project doesn't have to be stressful or costly. Read this guide to discover your best options.

The Homebuilder's Guide to Designing Your Own House

Why not make every detail of your home just want you’ve been dreaming of? It’s possible with this guide from expert homebuilders on designing your own house.

Find Your Best Kitchen Countertop Material

Choosing the right kitchen countertop materials means understanding the connection between design, function, and ongoing upkeep. Find out which countertop is right for you.

Best Neighborhoods in Port St. Lucie

Port St. Lucie is a small town nestled along Florida’s Treasure Coast. Read our guide to learn more about the best neighborhoods in this quaint, coastal oasis.

How to Pet-Proof Your Furniture

Don’t let your favorite furry friend ruin your furniture. Take a tip from Pulte and protect every inch of your home.

3 Reasons to Move to Atlanta

Curious about relocating to the Atlanta area? Here are three convincing reasons why it will be a great decision!

Living in Sarasota

Thinking of living in Sarasota, FL? Read on to discover everything you need to know about family life in Sarasota, new homes available, and best neighborhoods.

What to Consider Building in Houston

There’s lots to love about Houston, including its climate and livability. If you’re thinking about building in the largest city in Texas, here are some things you should know.

Why Buy New in Maryland Beaches

Maryland Beaches is an amazing location to raise a family. Read on to discover why purchasing here is a fantastic choice.

Choosing A Minneapolis Home Builder

If you’re searching for home builders in Minneapolis, make sure you check out what Pulte has to offer, with expansive customization options and new cutting-edge smart home designs.

Expert's Guide to the Best Smart Home Devices

Find out how the best smart home devices make every day easier, more fun, and more efficient for you and your family.

5 FAQs on Home Warranties

Home warranties come in all shapes, sizes, & price points. Make sure you’re getting the policy that fits your needs best, & you’re covered when & where you need it.

How to Build A New Home

Learn how to build a new home stress-free within your budget and have fun along the way. Read more for expert tips on avoiding the traps & pitfalls many homeowners fall into.

Floor Plan Design

Find out how to create a unique floor plan design for your dream home. Read this blog to discover the latest trends and must-haves in home layout designs.

Designing Your Basement

Find out how to create a basement space that’s perfect for your family, now and in the future.

Gas vs. Electric Stove - Which is Best for You?

Building a new house and designing your dream kitchen? Time to compare gas vs electric stoves. Read more to see all the pros and cons including costs.

Know What Countertop is Right for You

Find the right countertop surface for your style and budget using this helpful guide. Create your dream kitchen today!

How to Prepare for Your Next Move

Thinking about moving? Make sure you are well prepared with a moving checklist to keep you on track.

Is Tampa, FL Right for You?

Florida is a beautiful place to live whether you’re raising a family or are retired. Check out why Tampa might be your very best choice.

The Complete Guide to Home Building Materials

Building a new home? It's vital to know what materials to use. This home building 101 tells you all the facts.

Smart Kitchen Tech Guide

Add the latest smart kitchen technology to help maximize efficiency and make the heart of the home more user-friendly than ever. Read to find out how.

How to Build A Home Theater

Home theaters are all the rage. Whether you love movies or gaming, read on to discover how to create your own in-home movie theater within your budget.

Buying vs. Renting A Home: What’s Best for You?

Rent vs. buy - which is better? There are a lot of things to consider, especially if this is your first home. Read on to find out all the pros & cons.

Why You Need A Home Builders Warranty

Buying a newly built home? Make sure you're covered with a good home builder's warranty. Find out everything you need to know about what's covered & what's not.

How to Get A Great Home Loan

How to get a home loan & have it be an enjoyable & smooth experience from start to finish is possible! Click to read our top tips.

Living Room Furniture: Sectional vs Couch

How do you know if a couch or sectional is right for your family and your space? Check out our helpful guide on how to choose and arrange your living room seating.

How to Fund Your Home Upgrades

Whether you want to renovate your home to increase resale value or to simply get more enjoyment out of your space, follow these tips for home upgrades.

5 Design Tips for Your Home Office

Looking to work from home more? Read up on 5 design tips that help you maximize your home office space and creativity.

What 2019 Color Trend are You?

Relaxed or outgoing? Loud or subdued? Find which 2019 color trend best matches your personality.

How to Choose a Rug to Make the Perfect Room

The correct style and placement of a rug will create cohesion and bring your room together. Check out our guide to choosing the best rug for your space.

5 Kitchen Essentials for Your New Home

Let your inner chef shine! Make life easier by incorporating these 5 must-have kitchen features into your home.

Backyard Tips for a Safe and Bug-Free Summer

Want to know how to spend your summer right in your backyard? Follow these tips to ensure everyone has a fun and safe time.

5 Features That Increase Home Value

Want to increase your existing home’s value? Make sure you use your renovation funds wisely with our top 5 upgrades that increase value and enjoyment!

A Beginner’s Guide to Composting

Composting at home is an easy way to enrich your garden, recycle and even save money on top soil. Get started with this step-by-step home composting guide.

10 Must-Have Air Cleaning Plants

House plants do more than beautify - they can also purify! Here's a list of 10 air-cleaning plants that can help improve your home's air quality naturally.

Grilling 101: A Guide to the Perfect BBQ

Turn your backyard barbecues into the talk of the town with these grilling tips and tricks.

6 Summertime Cleaning Tips

Turn those long, lazy days of summer into an opportunity to spruce up your space with these useful summertime cleaning tips.

DIY Pressure Washing: Safety Tips

Pressure washing can amp up curb appeal, if done properly. Read up on DIY pressure washing safety and tips to master this valuable cleaning method.

Finding Family Friendly Fun in Las Vegas

Vegas is known for grown up fun, but there's lots for families to do, too! Here are some fun and affordable things to do in Las Vegas with your kids.

How to Calculate the Sq Ft. of A Home

Learn how to calculate square feet of a house correctly & find out what is counted in square footage and what isn't.

Is Austin, TX a Good Fit for You?

Thinking of moving to Austin Texas? Find out everything you need to know from the job market to housing prices & whether it’s a good fit for you & your family.

What is a Smart Home? Home Automation 101

Learn more about how easy and affordable it can be to build a smart home or upgrade an existing home with our guide to smart home automation.

Best Cities for Young Families to Live in Florida

Florida ranks as the top tourist destination in the world, but it’s more than just a place to visit. Here are the best cities for young families to live in Florida.

Tips for Building Your Home Library

Learn affordable ways to expand your book collection and build a home library to showcase your books and provide the perfect reading space.

Family Friendly Fabrics for Couches

You need a new couch, but aren’t sure which fabric is best for your family. We talk you through the pros and cons of some of the most popular options.

Kitchen Island vs. Kitchen Peninsula

Learn more about which kitchen layout is perfect for your cooking needs with our kitchen island vs kitchen peninsula comparison guide.

Create A Peaceful Bedroom for a Great Night

If you’re having trouble sleeping at night, it might be time to make changes to your bedroom. Here’s how to create a restful environment and sleep better than ever.

Design the Perfect Kitchen Layout

Learn how to design the perfect kitchen layout from our expert builders. Read more for insider tips on nailing your kitchen floorplan and creating your dream kitchen.

Top Features of A Good Neighborhood

One of the first steps in buying a new home is finding a good neighborhood. Learn more about some top features that you should be looking for.

Best Places to Live in Maryland

Maryland -- from Baltimore to the shore -- is a wonderful place to live. Here are some of the best places in the state to consider for your next home.

Home Warranty vs Home Insurance: FAQ

Find out the difference between a home warranty & home insurance to save time, money, & stress in the future. Click here to read our expert guide!

Get Your Garage Organized for Spring

From organizing garage shelving to sports equipment, Pulte’s tips will help you revitalize your garage for spring and warmer weather.

Improve Landscaping Designs for Spring

Enhance the looks of your outdoor landscape this spring with these design tips, tricks, and techniques.

5 Tips for Cinco de Mayo

Hosting a Cinco de Mayo party? Use our top 5 Cinco de Mayo decoration ideas and party tips and you'll be sure to have the greatest fiesta of the year.

10 Reasons to Move to Columbus

Considering moving to Columbus Ohio? Discover the top 10 things to do & places to dine in this fun and exciting city.

Living in Atlanta - A Newcomer Guide

Atlanta is a great place to live and build your new construction home. Read more for your guide to living in Atlanta.

Tips for Moving to a New City

Starting over in a new city can be both exciting and a little terrifying. Here are a few tips that will help you find your next home and get settled into your new city.

5 Reasons to Move to Charlotte

From the climate to the southern hospitality, Charlotte, NC has plenty of perks. Learn why so many professionals and families are moving to Charlotte, NC.

Choosing the Right Style Home

House hunting but not sure if a ranch or cottage style home is right for you? We break down a few of the most popular home styles to make your decision easier.

Decorating Ideas for Any Basement

Get great basement décor ideas that will help you transform your finished basement into a unique and welcoming space without breaking the bank.

Top Home Design Trends 2019

Ready to spring into the new season with fresh home décor ideas and color inspiration? The interior design team at Pulte is sharing the top trends to look for in 2019.

8 Questions to Ask When Buying A House

There are a lot of questions you should ask yourself, and others, before buying your house. This helpful Q&A can give you an idea of the what to look for when buying a house.

Benefits of a New Home vs. Resale

What’s the benefit of a new home vs resale? How about customization, smart technology, and more? Read out top reasons to consider new.

Tips and Tricks for Power House Hunting

Getting ready to buy a home? What should you prioritize and look for? We'll break it down for you.

10 Reasons to Move to Dallas

Everything is bigger in Texas, and it's certainly that way in Dallas. Read Pulte's Dallas relocation guide here.

How to Arrange Spring Flowers

Brighten your home with a lovely spring flower arrangement. Discover how to beautifully arrange spring flowers and bring pops of color to your home.

How Often You Should Clean Your Home

From the kitchen to the bathroom, our helpful home cleaning checklist will ensure your house is always ready for guests.

Kitchen Lighting Design Tips

Light up the new year with our top ideas on kitchen lighting design. Discover helpful tips to make your kitchen shine.

2019 Most Affordable Places to Live

Planning to move soon and wondering where you'll get the most bang for your buck? Explore five places where affordability and livability combine.

When Is the Best Time to Buy A House?

Buying a new home is a major financial decision that requires careful planning and consideration. Keep these factors in mind to get your timing just right.

What is an HOA? Q&A

Find answers to our most common HOA questions and learn how homeowners’ associations help maintain the value of your property, plan community events and more.

Home Foundations Explained

The house’s foundation is the most important structural aspect of a living space. Read more to learn about different house foundation types and basic foundation care.

Choosing the Best Kitchen Flooring

New flooring is a fast and easy way to change the look and feel of your kitchen. Read more for our breakdown on how to choose the best kitchen flooring for you and your family.

Big Advantages of Energy Efficient Homes

Energy efficient homes have big advantages & impressive savings on monthly utility bills you don’t want to miss. Read more to find out the best ways to save.

Fix a Squeaky Floor

Squeaky floorboards and stairs can be a never-ending nuisance. Read our guide on fixing squeaky floors to rid yourself of the groans and creaks for good!

5 Best Places to Live in North Carolina

Thinking about making North Carolina home? From Charlotte to Raleigh, to the Carolina Coastline, see our list of the 5 best places to live in North Carolina.

Is Houston, TX Right for You?

Houston is often overshadowed by larger cities, but this gulf coast locale has lots of personality! Learn why living in Houston, TX might be right for you.

5 Best Places to Live in California

California is one of the hottest states on West Coast, but it’s also one of the most diverse. Discover our top 5 picks for the best places to live in California.

Top Benefits of Smart Homes

Not sure a smart home is for you? Read up on the benefits of smart homes to learn all the ways Pulte's new construction smart homes can help your family.

How to Create an Organized Pantry

Having an organized pantry can help save you time and money. Read more for simple kitchen pantry storage ideas that work within your budget.

Top 5 Reasons to Buy New Construction in Dallas

Dallas is a great place to consider a new construction home. Read more to find out the top 5 reasons to buy a new home in Dallas.

Why Buy a New Home in Indianapolis

Looking for a new home in Indiana? Consider Indianapolis! With top neighborhoods, affordable homes & world class entertainment Indy is the perfect place to call home. Read more.

What It’s Like to Live in San Antonio

Everyone remembers the Alamo, but what is it like to live in San Antonio? Read more about what makes San Antonio the perfect place for a new home.

Mortgage Document Checklist

Cut the stress of getting a new home with this mortgage loan documents checklist. Learn what you need to have to simplify getting a new home mortgage.

Paint Sheen Pointers

Eggshell or matte, glossy or flat - paint sheen is key when decorating your home. Our paint sheen chart can help you find the ideal finish.

Guest Room Essentials

Don't get caught in a bind when summer visitors come calling - stock up on guest room essentials ahead of time! Start with this handy guest room checklist.

6 Simple Staycation Ideas

Taking a break doesn't have to mean leaving home. Check out this list of simple staycation ideas and easily transform your home into a relaxing retreat.

Fun Things to Do in Tampa

A staycation is always a great vacation option, especially when you're in beautiful Tampa. Check out these ideas for fun things to do in Tampa.

3 Tips For a Welcoming Entrance

Your entryway is usually the first thing guests see when they enter your home, so make sure you create a great first impression. Here are some easy ways that you can add some pizazz to the space, while keeping it useful.

Bookshelf Decor 101

Are your bookshelves boring? Try our pro bookcase decor pointers! Learn how to decorate a bookshelf with these tips and boost your "shelf" esteem today.

How to Repair Cracks in Concrete in 4 Easy Steps

Fixing the cracks in concrete is an easy DIY project you can work on that will make your driveway or patio look brand new and will save you money. Follow these easy step-by-step instructions to repair cracks in your concrete.

5 Tips on How to Make Cleaning Fun & Easy

Take the dread out of cleaning by making it fun with some good music and snacks. Find out other ways to make cleaning fun & easy, so when it's time for cleaning, you'll actually be looking forward to it!

How to Clean Exterior Brick in 7 Steps

Although brick is durable and made to last, it can use occasional maintenance. Transform your home's appearance by cleaning the exterior brick, a simple DIY project that can be done by following these easy steps.

Pet Stain Removal in 5 Steps

We love our pets but not their mess. Make pet stain removal a cinch in 5 steps with things in your cupboard - here's how!

How Much House Can I Afford?

You've found your dream home, but is it in the budget? Learn what home buying power influences to factor when asking yourself how much house can I afford?

Dos & Don'ts to Clean Any Floor

Make your floors shine with these helpful tips on how to spruce up any type of floor. Keep reading to discover helpful dos and don'ts for hardwood, tile and more.

Build a Fire Pit in 5 Easy Steps

Transform your backyard into everyone's favorite hangout destination with a backyard fire pit. Learn more about how to build a fire pit and what supplies you'll need for this DIY project.

5 Easy Ways to Pack for Moving

Moving is a hassle, but did you know your local grocery store will give you boxes for free? That's one less thing to worry about. Read to discover more tips to make your next move easier for everyone.

10 Mortgage Terms You Should Know

Buying a home comes with lingo all of its own. Prepare for this significant step by reading more about common mortgage terms, so you know what to expect.

Pulte Zero Net Energy

Pulte is committed to providing energy efficient homes. Read more to learn about our Zero Net Energy home and some of the steps we are taking to ensure energy efficiency.

12 Steps to Buying a House

Buying a new home can seem overwhelming, but we can help break it down. Read more about our 12 steps to buying a house and picture yourself “home”.

Buying Your First Home- The Ultimate Guide

Looking at buying your first home? It’s easy to feel nervous. Read our ultimate guide on buying your first home and enjoy your new home sooner.

Mood Color Guide: How to Choose Room Paint Colors

Selecting a room’s paint color can be hard. Our mood color guide makes it easier. Learn how to choose the perfect paint color using color psychology.